That’s me

I am a German attorney and mediator, specialising in Internet and media Law. Currently my client base comprises many German and International Internet companies.

My specialisation in the field of Internet and Media Law followed naturally from my early interest in the media world: After finishing secondary school in 1993, I started working as a trainee and later as a freelance journalist for the Berliner Morgenpost – a large daily newspaper of the Axel Springer Media House in Berlin.

During my legal studies at the Free University Berlin and later during my legal training, I worked as a part-time PR consultant for various companies, and as freelance journalist.

After passing my bar exam in 2002, I started working as a freelance attorney for Hogan Hartson LLP in Berlin. After that I was contracted to Bertelsmann AG in Gütersloh – one of Germany’s biggest Publishing houses – as in-house lawyer working in the fields of copyright and media law as well as American procedural law (mergers and acquisitions).

From 2003 until 2006 I was employed as Policy Manager for the eBay GmbH. My main task was to formulate and lay down rules for the use of the sales platform in cooperation with Ebay’s American headquarters and European subsidiaries to ensure compliance with all German and International trade regulations.

In mid-2006 I co-founded Hülzer Communications and headed the Legal and HR Department of the company. Amongst our biggest clients were companies such as VeriSign and RedHat, for which Hülzer Communications managed their European marketing.

In my capacity as attorney I also provided legal advice to many American companies, including Reputation Defender (now known as Defender).

From 2007 to 2012 I was part of the core team of Alexander Zacke and helped to build his company Auctionata, an online auction platform that is well known internationally.

From mid-2012 until December, 2015 I was working as Head of the Legal Department for the DaWanda GmbH. Currently, I am consulting two well known US start up companies. I have assisted the start up process of many large and small companies.

I am an expert on the internal processes of young companies and take legal as well as business aspects into account when deciding on a strategy for a successful start-up. I help Internet companies to choose the right law firm for their individual legal needs and monitor legal costs on their behalf. I also advise my clients on questions of data protection and recommend Data Protection Officers as well as IT Security Experts when needed, and assist them through due diligence processes and negotiations with investors.
I am proud of the network of trusted colleagues and renowned experts that I have established over my years of working experience.

My special interest in mediation is founded upon the fact that there rarely is only one truth to most cases but many standpoints are indeed a matter of perspective. In my experience as an attorney as well as mediator I have found that in most conflicts it is worthwhile to understand the reasoning of one’s opponent and then try to find a mutual solution before spending money on legal and court fees that might well have been avoided.

Legal disputes often end with losers on both sides and the total break down of relationships between the parties. Through mediation both sides can be winners and have a chance to find a solution for the future that suits them both.

For my clients I am a trusted contact person to consult with on internal conflict situations and to help with difficult negotiations and disputes regarding dismissals.
I strive to impart a culture of constructive debate and am available as a coach to find positive solutions to internal and external conflicts and disputes.

I help companies to create a friendly but creative working environment that benefits employers and employees alike. I believe that sustainability, positivity and thinking-ahead is key to a committed and energetic atmosphere in every office.

I am still an active freelance journalist and member of the German Association for Specialized Journalists. I am a committed volunteer with Placet Association, a plastic-surgical centre for terror victims. Privately, I am interested in literature, psychology, neurology, politics and furniture. I live in Berlin with my partner and two children.