Are you managing or want to start up an Internet company? Then you have found the right person – as a specialised attorney I have been advising Internet companies since 2003.

Your company is based in Germany but you want to expand abroad? I will identify the appropriate local lawyers and chaperone the establishment of your company abroad.

Are you worried that your company’s data protection is at risk? I am here to help you to ensure that the interests of your staff and clients are protected.

You are abroad but want to expand to Germany? I will advise you on German law.

You do not want to hire an in-house lawyer, but are looking for someone to work with you and advise you on ad hoc legal matters as well as coordinate and manage the work and costs of external legal advisors?

Then I am the right person to call – I will help you save money by efficiently and effectively coordinating your legal affairs.

Legal due diligence is looming? I am here to help!

You have invested all your energies into the expansion of your start-up and your feel you’re your employees are tired and overworked? That’s when you bring me in to support you and mediate between employees’ and employer’s interests. I will come to you and immerse myself into your organisational culture and structure.