What does a legal consultation cost?

The first email correspondence regarding a short description of your legal issue per email, or on the phone, and my initial response is free of charge!

  • Email - consultations

    Fees payable for a more in-depth email consultation depend on the object value of your case.

    Email consultations are certainly only possible in straightforward and uncomplicated cases. Please note that unencrypted emails pose a security risk despite the often displayed disclaimers.

    In my initial email I will advise you on the fees payable for a further consultation based on the value of your case. This first email correspondence is free of charge.

    You can verify all further consultation fees (not binding) by means of a cost calculator that is freely available on the Internet. You are therefore always in control of the costs and can decide at any moment whether the solution to your problem is worth the money. In certain cases I will offer a general flat rate.

  • Legal consultation in my office or at your premises

    For a comprehensive legal consultation it is necessary to make an appointment at my offices in Berlin-Lichtenfelde. The fees for a first personal consultation are calculated at an hourly rate. During this initial consultation, we will agree on a fee for service for future consultations in the applicable matter. If you prefer to have a first consultation at your premises, please be aware that in addition to the hourly rate, travel costs and other expenses will apply.

  • Long-term legal advice for start-ups

    If you do not have your own legal department, I offer my services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For such arrangements, my hourly fees apply.

    Extra hours will be calculated at an hourly rate. I am flexible and can accommodate your needs.

    Additional expenses will be charged. This includes taxi costs, train or flight tickets, hotel costs (and in special instances, when flexibility is an absolute must, the costs for the services of a babysitter).

  • Telefonic legal consultation

    For telephonic legal consultation the same fee structure as for on site or in- office consultation applies.