internetrechtInternet law is not a separate area of law but rather encompasses a cross section of many areas of law that all of us are presented with in our daily work, such as trade mark and copyright law, data protection and privacy law, consumer law, law of unfair competition, company law and many more, to name just a few.

Within these legal fields I am an expert – there is no area or topic that I am not familiar with or in respect of which I cannot connect you with the appropriate legal expert.

Are the legal demands and topics of your business simply becoming too much and complex for you?

Call me to set up a meeting. I can organise your company’s legal matters in such a way that you are always on top of things and know to which key legal experts to turn to for advice.

Through my knowledge and expertise, I will help you to further develop your business ideas and transform your visions into reality.

Your customer support will be legally watertight and your marketing department will know the do’s and don’ts of advertising by heart.